9:31 AM

and the geek shall inherit the earth

People consider it such an insult to be called a geek or a nerd. It's the antithesis to being cool. If you're a nerd, you are automatically "not cool" and then shunned from the rest of "cool society". Well, I beg to differ. Being a geek IS the new cool.

Gone are the days where the Screeches and the Urkels were the laughingstock of shows. Instead, meatheads like AC Slater are just, well, meatheads.

people went apeshit for this guy.

I say this because there has been an overwhelming leak of geekitude into mainstream society, and people eat it right up. iPods, comics and video games turned movies, fantasy series (cough Harry Potter). These are the things that - for lack of a better word - cool people own, cool people read, cool people pay money to experience. And who creates them? Software developers, computer wizards, comic aficionados, the very people that were laughed at for dying their underwear red.

And the marketers, the researchers who package these products to tantalize our taste buds, even they must either be geek or empathize with the geek lifestyle in order to make something as dorky as a caped crusader break all sorts of records.

So here's to the geek, the ones who determine the cool trends. It's the era of the cool geek.

Also, is anyone interested in seeing Dir en grey at the Kool Haus in November? How can you say no to these abs - I mean guys?

Also, I'm off to Alaska and other west coast goodness for a few weeks.