8:20 PM

Yes, I'm really going to whine about shoes

Dir en grey - "ware, yami tote..."

I used to have a limited number of Shoes on rotation: A pair of knockoff Docs, my Casual Shoes, and Running Shoes for the gym. In the summer, I may have thrown in a pair of Flip Flops.

This year alone, I have also thrown Work Boots into the mix, and Work Heels which double up as Formal Shoes (that's right, being the cheap bastard genius that I am, I multipurpose my Shoes).

Now, the Work Boots have soles that are smooth as a baby's bottom. Of course after it snowed yesterday, I had to waddle like a penguin today. Which means I'll be adding Commuting Winter Boots that offer grip in ice and snow to my collection. And Work Boots will stay at work.

Except as you'll recall, I like to multipurpose my footwear. And I like to wear smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom Work Boots around on weekends to clubs and Other Occasions because they're comfortable and look somewhat appropriate.

So I have to either haul Work Boots around with me everyday on the subway in case I need them in the evening, or buy another pair that will replace them for Other Occasions.

I used to laugh at people who had more shoes than fingers. "Pshaw!" I would snort. "What need have I for shoes when I can spend my money on other fun things like accessories! Hah!" And others would shake their heads, waiting for the day it would happen to me, too. And I'd snort at their head shaking, "hah!"

You know, my undergrad program tried to teach us to think outside of consumerism.

Is it possible to not be bogged down by material goods? I have tried so hard to re-jig my work clothes into casual clothes in order to avoid having two wardrobes. Now I've created this weird hybrid where I look like a regular Joe (Jo?) on my off days, and I don't dress business-like enough at work.

I've lost my edge and I'm floundering in a giant pile of footwear.

2:48 PM

Trimming Roses

I still can't believe that after so many years — has it really been seven! — Dir en grey can still reach out and touch me like nobody else can.

Pure audio orgasm.

7:29 PM

corporate drone

Dir en grey - "Inconvenient Ideal"

Without school to pepper work periods, I find life starting to get dull and routine, and I'm trying to find ways to break it up. Jamming with the Family and going to the gym can only do so much. I find that playing the DS is only acceptable in small increments. As much as I'd love to get out there and learn as much as I can, my position as Captain of Team Procrastinators means that I have a healthy dose of Laze in my repertoire.

Also, money does not allow for frivolous learning. Yet. Sports leagues and the one class that I can afford to take also doesn't start until January.

So, in an attempt to curb my spending habits and pick up a new hobby, I've decided that maybe I'll give sewing a try. DIY clothes and all that jazz. It's something I've always wanted to do, but never got around to. Take that, h.Naoto!

Who knew that a sewing machine costs OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS. wtf.

This little one is the only machine under a hundred dollars, and apparently significantly less on eBay. But it's PINK. Now if someone could tell me whether 41 stitch patterns, 5mm stitch width and 4mm stitch length is a good thing, that would be gold.

So what do other people do for fun around here?

Also, it's finally sinking in that I'll be seeing my boys on Sunday. I'm starting to feel small thrills of anticipation.