7:18 PM

This is why I should never have kids

Dir en grey - "doukoku to sarinu"

A week and a half ago, my coworker asked me to water her plants while she went on vacation. I promptly forgot until 2 days ago when my mom gleefully pointed to the African Violet in my room and exclaimed that she'd brought it back to life (again).

Today, thinking that I could get to work earlier than my coworker and save the plant before she got in, I grabbed the dried up leaves, threw them into a bucket of water and proceeded to let the roots soak. I felt awful. My coworker was sweet and forgave me for almost killing her plants.

They perked up a little by the end of the day. The goal was to remove them from the water and then revive them with regular watering.

For the entire day, I sat at my desk, checking on the greens every few hours, singing to them, talking to them, petting the leaves. I wrote post-it notes and stuck them to my monitor, "take plants out!"

At 5 o' clock, I grabbed my jacket and left the building, plants still drowning in water.

And this is why I should never have kids.

ps. My mom was a florist when I was younger, and brought home a variety of neat flowers when I was kid. How I managed to kill all of them including two cactii is beyond me. The only exception is the African Violent which my mom repeatedly brings back to life.

1:45 PM

My desk

Enchanter - "marilyn dream road"

Today, the blogosphere will learn a whole lot more about me than they really want to know because Yukiko dared me to post a picture of my desk,
You can tell I'm cool and trendy because I'm on Facebook. And I know you all want that red pocket sitting there.

The reason why I hate people moving my things around:

Wait for it....

wait for it....

wait for it....

What. It's an organized mess. I know where everything is! Once things are moved, I'm at a loss and have no idea where to start looking. The lesson here is: don't try to clean my room. Anyone who's ever lived with me knows.

Interesting things to note: yes, I am currently reading The Game by Neil Strauss. Very entertaining and enjoyable. Also, he's a writer for the New York Times, which means he's somewhat adept at storytelling. And he is. Good read. And there's the Watchmen under it.

Also, blackcurrant candies? DELICIOUS.

I'm still trendy and cool 'cause I'm on Facebook.

And there's a green gift-wrapped box from the days that I was a professional gift-wrapper.

The coolest part here? The toy kitchen sitting way in the background with the stuffed bears on top. It shows my inner child. :)

1:46 PM


Best. Time killer. Ever.

You can mouse over and see every front page of every newspaper in the world! And then read it if you want!

There's my afternoon. Thanks Dad, for killing all productivity for the day.

Check out the Newseum.