9:35 PM

The colours of fall

Dir en grey - "red soil"

Fall is like nature's last hurrah before everything fizzles out and dies. It's like a final desperate attempt at an amazing explosion of colour and beauty before everything turns grey for 4 months.

Doesn't mean I don't forget about the impending frostmush and enjoy what nature has to offer every once in a while though.

Ontario has some beautiful little gems, one of them being Lake Huron. Grand bend boasts one of the best beaches in Canada and the Bruce Peninsula is one of my favourite places, like, ever. Cliffs and the kind of clear blue water you see in the Caribbean = win in my books.

See that? It's a friggin' CAVE that you can climb into and explore!

More of mother nature's tricks up her sleeve

I highly recommend the Niagara escarpment and encourage you all to go before it gets too cold and snowy....oh wait. Never mind.

10:13 AM

Jolie pwns Fox

the Smashing Pumpkins - "the beginning is the end is the beginning"

Angelina Jolie's been keeping it on the down low for a while with her little spawn army, but her resurfacing photos totally kick Megan Fox's case of walking STD's to the curb.

I adore this woman. She knows how to make an entrance. She doesn't even have to try to ooze sexy womanly allure. Love love love. This is not the face of a frumpy matronly woman. Dude, this woman flies planes and rides motorcycles. Her wild child past just adds to her appeal. C'mon, knife play? Blood vials of devotion? Fox has nothing on her. Also, even in her days of awesome psychoness, my girl never had the smell of blowjobs all around her.

Enter Megan Fox who has done, what, one movie? And the world is enflamed by her? AND calling her the next Angelina Jolie? Yeah yeah, I get that she's got a few years to catch up to the Jolie, but ugh, trashy trashy trashy. Granted, she's a good-looking gal, but she just screams ickiness. So she's gotten down with the vag, she sports badass tattoos and she's all about the promiscuity and dirty fun times. Been there, done that. She brings nothing new to the table. Who knows, maybe in a few years there will be something more appealing about her. Not now.

Megan Fox = trying too hard + wannabe Angelina + VD in a can = epic fail.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Be thankful that it's a beautiful day in October reaching the mid-20's which just so happens to fall on a stat holiday. It's a sign. Spend it outside instead of on the computer blogging about useless things like celebrity gossip.

PS. get your ass out and vote tomorrow.