9:35 PM

The colours of fall

Dir en grey - "red soil"

Fall is like nature's last hurrah before everything fizzles out and dies. It's like a final desperate attempt at an amazing explosion of colour and beauty before everything turns grey for 4 months.

Doesn't mean I don't forget about the impending frostmush and enjoy what nature has to offer every once in a while though.

Ontario has some beautiful little gems, one of them being Lake Huron. Grand bend boasts one of the best beaches in Canada and the Bruce Peninsula is one of my favourite places, like, ever. Cliffs and the kind of clear blue water you see in the Caribbean = win in my books.

See that? It's a friggin' CAVE that you can climb into and explore!

More of mother nature's tricks up her sleeve

I highly recommend the Niagara escarpment and encourage you all to go before it gets too cold and snowy....oh wait. Never mind.


Eric said...

Bruce Peninsula was absolutely gorgeous! It made me realize that my energy legs could not kick mother nature in her face.

Also for all your other readers: we climbed into that cave.