1:56 PM

ack! I'm in love!

Cinema Bizarre - "Forever or never"

I can't tell what's hotter: The girl or the shirt.

Sorry boys, but sometimes, females are just so much more attractive and interesting to look at. If I had the balls, I'd love to cut my hair like that.

check out the awesome clothing site she models for.


Monovision said...

i love her hair.. not her nose though..
when i chop off my hair its going to look something like this!

S said...

if you don't have the balls to cut your hair like that then who does? (aside from her.)

YuK said...

what are you talking about? females are ALWAYS more attractive and interesting to look at! XD

they're both hot~

neural_traffic said...

let's compromise. i take the girl, you take her shirt. we all win!

San-San said...

I have to agree with you, both the girl and the shirt are really hot! XD