11:30 AM

hide memmorial summit parte deux

-Thanks, Nat!

Forget the no name Saturday lineup. Holy stacked Sunday, Batman! Mucc, D'espairsRay and the Big Three all for only 14,800 yen!? That's a crazy deal.

Personal restrictions stop me from making it :( but if anyone's going, I want to hear about it. And 'cause the Yosh is sure to have overpriced recordings, posters, and other paraphernelia, I'll be sure to snag a DVD or something. Or, I'll watch it on YouTube, 'cause I'm cool and cheap like that.


trickor said...

haha its alright, i heard both nights will be broadcasted by WOWOW so we'll be expecting rips when it comes~ and the first night is totally wtf with TMR and DJ OZMA..

Anonymous said...

wow.. thats a crazy deal
so jealous of the ppl who r going >_<

DJ OZMA is really WTF.. but TMR kinda makes sense cauz he used to be VK... =v=
besides the first four, I only recognize maximum the hormone(didnt know they were so famous o.o), phantasmagoria from the first day lineup.. orz
and I thought Luna Sea broke up.. (on another note, why isn't GLAY on the list?? o_0)

Justine said...

Because GLAY isn't hardxcore enough. lol

Anonymous said...

lol so Glay is being kicked out of the Yoshiki clan??