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hide memorial summit

muzak: Enchanter - "love song"

Thanks to Sanspo.com for this:

平成10年に急死し、5月2日に10周忌を迎えるX JAPANのギタリスト、hideさん(本名松本秀人、享年33)の追悼イベントが同月3、 4日に東京都調布市の味の素スタジアムで行われることが20日、分かった。X JAPANによる初の追悼公演で、メンバー全員が参加。さらにLUNA  SEA、Dir en greyら約20組が集結し、10万人を動員する。


 X JAPANの関係者によると、hideさんの実弟、松本裕士さんの主催でYOSHIKIがプロデュース。hideさんの命日である5月2日に続く3、4日に東京・味の素スタジアムで開催し、2日間で約10万人を動員する。

 タイトルは「hide memorial summit」。“サミット”の名にふさわしくX JAPANのメンバー全員のほか、LUNA SEA、Dir en grey、T.M.Revolutionらビッグネームが続々参集。2日間で延べ約20組が競演する。


Roughly translated:

Ten years after the death of hide, Yoshiki has finally grown the balls to have a memorial summit in his hide's honour. The absoloutely crazybone event will be a 2-day bonanza, with Luna Sea and Dir en grey and about 20 artists in total.

X Japan. Luna Sea. Dir en grey. *twitch*

After I finished having a seizure, I decided that I should take my Asia trip this year. And be in Tokyo around May 3 and 4. I don't care if this is just another one of Yoshiki's cash grabs, the lineup is what's important here. The lineup!

As a side note: why 10 years after hide's death? According to Babelfish: "But the mental damage of YOSHIKI is large flame failure." I wish Yosh would stop hiding behind this lame excuse for his repeated bombs in the last 10 years. Large flame failure, indeed.

In any case, who cares. X Japan. Luna Sea. Dir en grey. How much do you think tickets will be? And who wants to go?



dan said...

haha, I would SO go .. 'cept no passport yet .. I should get on it ..

I don't start dboat until May 11 .. :)

YuK said...


you probably heard this already?
so good~