3:28 PM

Facebook Frippery

I know that I haven't been part of Facebook long enough to really complain about "back in the day"...but back when I joined, it wasn't nearly this annoying!

I hate waiting for pages to load because they have twenty thousand applications that nobody really looks at. Do I really care that you've been kissed? Or petted? Or that in a cartoon universe you'd be Spongeboob (not a typo)?

Even sillier is the need to add friends. Just to look popular. Hey check me out, I have 300 friends (honestly I don't even have that many on F to the B). If I don't even talk to you on msn, I probably don't care about the fact that in an alternate universe, you'd be the fat guy from Heroes either.

Honestly, the intentions of Facebook started off right. There are some people that I've reconnected with. But in all actuality, if we barely talked in high school and we parted ways 7 years ago and haven't made contact since, chances are that I won't really care what's going on with you anyways. And vice versa! The Facebook page is just a wall of drama-rama that doesn't concern me.

The only reason why Facebook is still useful is because people create events on there that are easier to keep up with. Oh, and the pictures. Oh, and the wide network of people on there willing to go on the record for an interview.

Oh, and because I get a perverse sense of holier-than-thou when I see my old elementary school friends who used to laugh at me and know that I'm doing better than them now.


chrisBEAN said...

Yup. I like to laugh at people who used to think they were all that and a bag of chips, because most of them are now fat / ugly / a failure / all of the above. YAY.

I use FB mainly to pimp my makeup stuff. It does bring in some business. I hate all those applications too. Annoying when I try to respond to wall msgs. *shudders*

Someone should create a group called "Facebook etiquette".

HTY said...

Wow, an update.

Facebook FTL! Having no friends at all is the way to go!

Ju said...

This entry kinda reminds me of one of my own posts ranting about facebook and such except your's is better written and mine's retarded 8DDD

Eric said...

don't forget facestalking! everyone loves facestalking...

dan said...

I use it mainly as a networking tool rather than a "friend" tool .. :) ..