4:27 PM

Tying the knot

I have been tying shoelaces for the last 20+ years. And only this past weekend did I realize that I have been tying them wrong.

Sure, I've done the "over, under, inside, out, that's what shoe-tying's all about", but little did I know that my little crooked bow could lie perfectly parallel with the rest of the string, and the knot wouldn't come undone as easily. Seriously.


I think I need to go back to velcro. This is what a graduate degree spawns.

Ironically, I recently made a joke about how I don't know how to tie laces. Oh, the irony.


MC said...

Shoe tying heresy. I shall sick the Knot Templars on you.

Eric said...

if you're going to do the velcro shoe thing, make sure you get the kind with the built in wheels.

so awesome!