6:10 PM

Farewell, Crapmobile, hello Blueberry

Dir en grey - "Undecided"

Mine. All mine. Well, it will be once I'm done paying it off. The important thing is that it's sitting in the garage and I have the keys.

Get your grubby paws off my seats.


Eric said...

oh shit.

Nice car! If Hiro and Ando saw they would seriously go ape shit. I'm envious even! Car-envy? what sort of monster have I become?!

go blueberry!

ps: i am not dyslexic.

HTY said...

Congratulations! That's a Ford Focus right?

chrisBEAN said...

yay, sexy car for sexy jo!

Ju said...

*touches your seats with my ass*

Anonymous said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet jo! congrats on your new car! feel free to get me one anytime :)

- vix

dan'ism! said...

nice ride!