10:53 PM

"Let's play some hockey"

Trey Songz ft. Plies - "Can't help but wait"

Dir en grey's new PV was released earlier this week for the "Glass Skin" single. Disappointing? Not anymore. Bland? yes. Awful music video? As expected. I dunno, you people should give it a go and see what you think. And that is all the mention that Dir en grey deserves for this song on this post.

More importantly, local indie band Speed of Service has written a tune in a bid to be the next Hockey Night in Canada theme. It's a catchy jingle!

What makes it better than the rest? For one, there's a theme running through the whole thing. It's catchy and memorable, something which the other contestants didn't seem to pick up on. Also, for running a scant minute and some, I think there's a great rockin' vibe that brings the listener through all the necessary stages for some serious pumped-upness.

The downfall? I'm personally not a fan of the lyrics. I think the whole thing would've been better purely instrumental, but again, the vocals seems to be unique to Speed of Service. Who knows, it could be the shot in the arm to set them apart!

If you care about the intro for your Saturday night, take a second to vote.

Alaskan pictures (the ones not on Facebook!) will be posted as soon as I get a few minutes to sit down and sift through them all. The trip was everything I thought it would be and more. The best part? Being 100% myself for such a prolonged period of time. I never realized how often I wear the corporate face, or the friendship face, or the family face. I think I was born to be antisocial.


Eric said...

vacation FTW!

Glass Skin would probably be a lot more catchy if the audio wasn't so bad in the video. Mayhaps youTube is to blame.