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Dir en grey - "Inconvenient Ideal"

Without school to pepper work periods, I find life starting to get dull and routine, and I'm trying to find ways to break it up. Jamming with the Family and going to the gym can only do so much. I find that playing the DS is only acceptable in small increments. As much as I'd love to get out there and learn as much as I can, my position as Captain of Team Procrastinators means that I have a healthy dose of Laze in my repertoire.

Also, money does not allow for frivolous learning. Yet. Sports leagues and the one class that I can afford to take also doesn't start until January.

So, in an attempt to curb my spending habits and pick up a new hobby, I've decided that maybe I'll give sewing a try. DIY clothes and all that jazz. It's something I've always wanted to do, but never got around to. Take that, h.Naoto!

Who knew that a sewing machine costs OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS. wtf.

This little one is the only machine under a hundred dollars, and apparently significantly less on eBay. But it's PINK. Now if someone could tell me whether 41 stitch patterns, 5mm stitch width and 4mm stitch length is a good thing, that would be gold.

So what do other people do for fun around here?

Also, it's finally sinking in that I'll be seeing my boys on Sunday. I'm starting to feel small thrills of anticipation.


Lynn said...

you totally should ask yukiko!

wynter said...

waaaaait a minute. Captain of Team Procrastinators?? I think not! However you can take assistant captainship. (is that a word?)

but anyway, i look forward to seeing your creations!

dan'ism! said...

the sewing machine looks like it's a toy.

Monovision said...

yoo!!! jo!!! sew me a i hate boys tshirt!
i miss u btw.. and will be following u.. so u watch out!

myuupyuu said...

You have to be careful what sewing machine you buy. I have one at home (forgot what's it called :D) and it always gave me problems. A lot of places use I've been to use Husqvarna and they run quite smoothly!

YuK said...

If you gonna get into sewing, you might as well get the good one! Decent ones are like $200~300 and good one are over $500. I would recommand the brand "Janome", one of best sewing machine company~

Janome means "snake's eye", kinda cool isn't it~? ;)

Best deal you can get is when you show up to those homeshows or the "X", when they have their little booth selling Janome products. If you make good deals with them you can save good $300~400. That's the deal I got for buying 2 machines.

chrisBEAN said...

No idea AT ALL about sewing, but I can't wait to see what you will cook up! Your taste is impeccable and I know you'll come up with something so awesome that I would want to steal.