8:20 PM

Yes, I'm really going to whine about shoes

Dir en grey - "ware, yami tote..."

I used to have a limited number of Shoes on rotation: A pair of knockoff Docs, my Casual Shoes, and Running Shoes for the gym. In the summer, I may have thrown in a pair of Flip Flops.

This year alone, I have also thrown Work Boots into the mix, and Work Heels which double up as Formal Shoes (that's right, being the cheap bastard genius that I am, I multipurpose my Shoes).

Now, the Work Boots have soles that are smooth as a baby's bottom. Of course after it snowed yesterday, I had to waddle like a penguin today. Which means I'll be adding Commuting Winter Boots that offer grip in ice and snow to my collection. And Work Boots will stay at work.

Except as you'll recall, I like to multipurpose my footwear. And I like to wear smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom Work Boots around on weekends to clubs and Other Occasions because they're comfortable and look somewhat appropriate.

So I have to either haul Work Boots around with me everyday on the subway in case I need them in the evening, or buy another pair that will replace them for Other Occasions.

I used to laugh at people who had more shoes than fingers. "Pshaw!" I would snort. "What need have I for shoes when I can spend my money on other fun things like accessories! Hah!" And others would shake their heads, waiting for the day it would happen to me, too. And I'd snort at their head shaking, "hah!"

You know, my undergrad program tried to teach us to think outside of consumerism.

Is it possible to not be bogged down by material goods? I have tried so hard to re-jig my work clothes into casual clothes in order to avoid having two wardrobes. Now I've created this weird hybrid where I look like a regular Joe (Jo?) on my off days, and I don't dress business-like enough at work.

I've lost my edge and I'm floundering in a giant pile of footwear.


jstnepls said...

I love how you refer to your shoes like they're people XD

Eric said...

I think the real question you have to ask yourself is: "why is consumerism so bad?"

consumerism isn't necessarily being materialistic and shallow, consumerism in moderation is probably a pretty good thing.

I mean, you work hard for your loot (I know you do especially) it's not a terrible thing to want to buy a few different sets of clothes. Having some nice work clothes and some triptacular regular clothes showcases the different facets of your personality.

Don't feel bad, you really don't buy more then the average person. You probably buy less. Don't buy into the bullshit that buying different sets of clothes is somehow selling out.

chrisBEAN said...

Yes.. I completely understand what you're saying!

I find myself "needing" 2 sets of wardrobe, one of work and one for weekends. It's annoying but I think would rather own clothes that I am proud to wear to work and another set that I would be content in for weekends, rather than one wardrobe that I am lukewarm about for any purpose.

I guess that's the price of being in the work force at the same time being SUPER awesome and unique (which you still are) on weekends.

neural_traffic said...

Ironically, the coming-of-age and "finding" your own identity during adolescence is coincidentally in line with conforming to the world around us during adulthood. In essence, time will prove that our true identity is to have no identity. What you're experiencing is life's way of buffing out your unsightly "edge"s.

dan'ism! said...

I'm lucky to be a guy I guess ... I can wear steel toed work boots for work. That way, it keeps me warm (it's insulated) and has great grip and nothing will crush my toes!


Hope work's going well with you Kamijo! I just met another freelancer for us who is from TO and looking for more gigs .. :S .. even the writing is getting super competitive Kamijo!

lanny said...

Alright, so everyone made an intelligent comment and basically summed it all up in a neat little package.

The only thing left for me to say consists of two words:

do it.

Welcome to shoe-whoredom

S said...

go to giant tiger. I bought work pants there for $10.