12:37 PM

masochism as its best

There are two points I'd like to make:

1) it's New Year's Eve and I'm sitting at work for most of the day like a loser while everyone else gets a nice half day. But you know, money is happiness......

2) Played some pick-up volleyball for the first time in a year and a half last night. Every muscle in my body from my calves up to my neck is in varying amounts of pain, and I absolutely love it. I love exercising until my body aches the next day — it validates my workout. Ah, the glorious pain of it all.


trickor said...

ur not the only one with no1, i had to go to work too.. no breaks =(
no pain no gain!

dan'ism! said...

Boo, I had to work at countdown! .. haha .. happy new year kamijo! :) I hope to see you more this year! btw, I got a G10!

Ju said...

I enjoy that pain too 8DDDD
Too bad I don't work out -_- *lazy*