1:45 PM

My desk

Enchanter - "marilyn dream road"

Today, the blogosphere will learn a whole lot more about me than they really want to know because Yukiko dared me to post a picture of my desk,
You can tell I'm cool and trendy because I'm on Facebook. And I know you all want that red pocket sitting there.

The reason why I hate people moving my things around:

Wait for it....

wait for it....

wait for it....

What. It's an organized mess. I know where everything is! Once things are moved, I'm at a loss and have no idea where to start looking. The lesson here is: don't try to clean my room. Anyone who's ever lived with me knows.

Interesting things to note: yes, I am currently reading The Game by Neil Strauss. Very entertaining and enjoyable. Also, he's a writer for the New York Times, which means he's somewhat adept at storytelling. And he is. Good read. And there's the Watchmen under it.

Also, blackcurrant candies? DELICIOUS.

I'm still trendy and cool 'cause I'm on Facebook.

And there's a green gift-wrapped box from the days that I was a professional gift-wrapper.

The coolest part here? The toy kitchen sitting way in the background with the stuffed bears on top. It shows my inner child. :)


Eric said...


I also notice a few things in this picture.

1) There are 7 plastic bags in this picture, 4 of which seem to just be empty. That's not a mess, that's just garbage lying around

2) There is a third book under the watchmen. I believe it's... A GAME OF THRONES! Why would you fail to mention such awesomeness?

3) The candy tube is empty. If you're wondering how I know, I ate them while you were in the kitchen.

4) There's 200 sheets of ruled paper under your desk. What is this? Grade 8?

Thank goodness you didn't take a picture of my desk though, it's much much worse!

Vickie said...

hmm... even though this post is more than a month old, there's a few things to say about this post (and i, too, will list them as eric did):

1. that kitchen was awesome. and i remember you having it stuffed with random awesomeness.

2. dude, i so remember that desk. it's still super white too. how have you kept it oh so white for so many years?!

3. watchmen = cool. x-men cards that we memorized as kids like geeks = super cool

4. 2 words: pea-shooting pete.

i haven't seen your room in ages, but it's good to know it hasn't changed. i miss sleepovers.

Adam said...


all i have to say is, nice monitor :D