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A tribute to small breasts

D'espairsRay - "R.E.M-fuyu no genchou"

Given the infatuation all men (and women) have with the ladies boasting a nice, large set of breasts, I think it's time to give us small-boobed women some love.

I'll be the first to admit that I do not have boobs the size of watermelons. Even for an Asian I'm relatively flat. And yes, sometimes it sucks. But you know what, spring is raining its way in and that means I'm coming out of my winter funk and I'm starting to feel better about myself.

So be proud of your size, oh ye of little breast!

  • Can you sleep on your stomach comfortably? 'Cause I can. It's awesome.
  • Perky, perky, perky.
  • When I run, i don't need to worry about my uniboob hitting me in the face.
  • Heck, any kind of exercise is a lot easier.
  • Pfft, back pain? What back pain?
  • I can play up my legs and not look like trash
  • What, I'm compact. Can you squeeze through tight spaces?
  • I can be the androgynously hot female
  • Or slip on an awesome push-up and titillate others (teehee)
Ladies (or gents), feel free to add to the list. It's not the size of the boob, but the quality. Mm-mmm.
I'd so rather be me than her. (photo from here)


Lynn said...

1. you're so not androgynous! u have a really pretty and feminine face!
2. for those us without nice and long legs, it must suck to be flat :'(


neural_traffic said...

hey that's funny...i was going to make a similar post about penis size...haha

Anonymous said...

Dear Author,

I endorse this post. You are hot, like stolen goods.

Not illegal, the hot kind. what?


Ju said...

i dont even liek hasing boobs in the first place 8[[[[[[[

maybe i shall donate them to someone who wants them 8D

chrisBEAN said...

Ya, you definitely have sexy legs! ... I'm sorry for the drooling. You rock the HOT MODEL with LEGS FOR DAYS look. And I love it.

I love this positive post too. People should SEE this before they rush into getting implants. It needs to be printed on pamphlets or something, I swear.

Monovision said...

You are beautiful.. i wish i had your boobs.. i hate the melons that i have.. all those things that you listed i envy them! ugh lucky small boobed bitches

e.ma said...

ugh, jo-ness, do you read my mind or something? i was having a random week where i was feeling hyper self-conscious about my body in general, and the boobs are always near the top of the list in "things to bitch about."

thanks for the quick and punchy reminder and ego-squeeze <3

anything more than a handful is a waste anyway :3

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah, delicious flat chest for the win. When we hug someone, we're holding them closer to our heart <3

Natasza said...

damn i feel SOOOO much better right now about being flat! ^ ^ small breast rulez!! xD

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous I wish I my lover could have a pair a those sexy things!