9:23 AM

Cookie Monster on National Public Radio

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Cookie Monster is easily the coolest character on Sesame Street. So naturally, I was thrilled and a little surprised to see him interviewed on NPR.

Since when did C to the M become articulate enough for radio!? Wasn't he speaking in garbled tongue 20 years ago? Now he talks about opthamology, and he enjoys....broccoli. O_o

The interview seems awkward at times, like the host doesn't really believe in the character. The Cooks retains enough of his simplicity to still be adorable (the shape of Bert's head would look good on the dollar bill!). But the questions are all close-ended and aren't geared to Cookie Monster at all, they're just random Q's.

Cookie Monster = great interview subject, but I think the host dropped the ball on this one.


elan said...

Jo! Everyone's left the xanga nation, but i refuse to leave you all in peace.

ps cookie monster is just so awesome, this interview reminded me exactly how much i wanted to marry him when i was five years-old. you struck gold, jo, total gold.

Justine said...

Cookie Monster on Martha Stewart = simply the best.