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Journalism in a violent world

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Western kicked off the inaugural conference dedicated to journalists dealing with trauma this past weekend. Journalists, scholars, and professionals from the around the world flew in for two days of trauma discussion and prevention. Taxing and rewarding at the same time, I've decided that waking up at 7am is just not human.

Other than the general alcoholic schmoozing that took place, I learned a few things. Among them:

  • Most of the higher-ups in broadcast journalism are white, middle-aged men. Balding is common.
  • Journalists like to talk. A lot. And I mean a lot a lot. Like copious amounts.
  • Questioning Mr. Big Shot about how to take his job from him in the future isn't the best tactic for networking.
  • I have a new respect for journalists who have been to places and had their lives threatened every day for the sake of pleasing the editors.
  • I have the attention span of a 3 year-old.
Does he look familiar?

The panel. One of many.

Future journalists are so badass...

Check out my boobs about to bust out, yo!


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