11:51 PM

love me, love me not

Remember back in junior high school when guys would pick a girl they thought was cute and buy them a flower? The girl would giggle, accept, the two would be in blissful coupledom for a week or two before things cooled off, and the two would amicably split up and move on to the next person.

Nice, simple, no real feelings.

When did things get so messy and complicated? It's such a fine line to walk now.


Anonymous said...

grownups make everything messy and complicated. we should all just go back to our kid ways... things would be more joyous then.

YuK said...

sorry it's not related to your post but HI~! i found u on facebook info~ =)
it's nice to see u here~


Anonymous said...

It can be kept simple, we just choose not to. The reason it doesn't stay simple is because as adults we intentionaly make it more complicated, but we don't ever admit to that and blame it on other uncontrolable things - like growing up. Inherent human nature. Blame yourself.

Anonymous said...

Everyone likes their life to be a TV Drama. Makes them feel like the center of the world.

That's my experience anyway.

dan'ism! said...

haha, i'd love life to be that simple .. :)