6:50 PM

No sir, I am not staring at your crotch

So with my work hours being pretty steady 9-5, I'm taking the good ol' TTC at pretty peak times. The subway culture is completely different during rush hour and it's all a new experience to me.

To begin with, since parking at the subway station is needed, I bought a Metropass for the first time. The intimidation level of using one of these things is a five-star level. So peep this, yo: People are rushing through the turnstiles while you fumble wildly with the card trying to figure out which side the stripe is on, and which direction it should be facing, and then your bag gets caught in the turn and your heels fall off and then everyone just points and stares and laughs while the world spins wildly out of control! Aaaaah!!!!!

Then there's the actual subway ride. I luck out and usually grab a seat since I'm at the beginning of the line. But the train gets packed pretty quickly. Subway riders, riddle me this: where do you look when you're surrounded by people?

No matter where I try to put my eyes, they'll end up on someone's face, crotch, boobs, leg, toes. And you know, it's rude to stare. I can't see through everyone to look at ads, so I end up rolling my eyes wildly until I finally land on some nondescript hand. Then I analyze every crack, pore and hangnail on that hand. And then I feel creepy.

So again, I ask, where do you focus?


Shawn said...

Actually, our station is at the end of the line... :P

I actually like to stand in the archway of the starboard doorset on the southbound leg. It's a good people watching spot since people tend to walk by and past on the opposite side. It also means I can be first to get off at my destination station.

Hope the daily grind (psst... don't think dirty!) is going well.

Eric said...

let's see... I suggest... boobs. Yup, look at the boobs.

Or read the metro, that works too.

billayyy said...

I grab a seat, close my eyes, and I'm out cold before I hit york mills! everytime! =D

HTY said...

Yup. The crotches.

Ju said...

I play with my DS.
but then again that doesnt really help you since you don't have one.. or not that I know of. And it's not really possible to play when it's that crowded.
i stare at shoes 8o

neural_traffic said...

just invest in some deep tinted sunglasses and you can stare to your heart's content.
or you could just blatantly stare at people's crotches and if you accidentally make eye contact, just snicker to yourself and look away.

Justine said...

I focus on people's feet, the floor, or pretend to sleep. That way, no one is affected by your stare and no one can bother you. That's probably my first concern: not making anyone mad as a result of accidentally starring at them.

chrisBEAN said...

Yo it takes me 10 seconds flat to find a seat, sit down, fall asleep and dream about candies, fluffy clouds and lollipops.

Other times I read / play with my DS.

Yes, I too had difficulty with the Metropass swiping when I first acquired one. It took a good few weeks for me to get comfortable with it. Now it's second nature, as if the card is part of me, and I part of the card.... er...

ya, something like that.


Matthew said...

OMG, I totally look at people's bulges. Especially when they're wearing tight slacks or jeans.

Oh, I'm getting the hots just thinking about it.