10:49 AM

You know what really grinds my gears?

muzak: D'espairsray - "Brilliant"

I've got an offer for a job and it's everything that I want to do. I have some power, a little freedom, and I feel the thrill of the excitement of facing a new challenge. Whether it tanks or not, it will look fantastic on my CV, and and if it does well, shoot, it's just going to drag me right up there with it.


I'll be taking a significant pay cut from what I'm making now. With the very real possibility of no benefits.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't go into journalism for the money. If I have to live without dental cleanings and birth control pills, I suppose now is a better time than any. But for them to ask me "well, how much do you love journalism?" is just annoying and inappropriate. I enjoy journalism. Not enough to starve for it.

It's so annoying when I have friends who are able to move into brand new condos that they purchased with their own money. Or buy new cars that they actually enjoy driving. Or go on vacations two or three times a year.

I like journalism. I want to continue doing it for a while. I don't want to be 30 years old and living at home with my mother calling me every night asking me when I'm coming back. I want to buy a car that won't make me flinch every time I turn the key in the ignition. And I'd like to go somewhere longer than a three-day road trip.

So yeah, I love journalism, but it's so unfair to ask me how much I love it when I have to put my life on hold while my friends fly ahead and leave me eating their dust.


chrisBEAN said...

I feel you, baby. If it were up to me, and my tummy didn't need food, and my wallet didn't know how to cry, I'd be following my dreams too! The best and most interesting jobs always pay the crappiest. (Well, unless you're a famous rock star..)

Sadly, we can't have our cake and eat it too. :[ This is why I always insist on doing a bajillion other things when I'm not at work. At least I can attempt to find the meaning of my life there.

Eric said...

That's a tough one...

I'd say try it out, it's a job you like and a good opportunity. If it isn't really what you're hoping for or the sacrifice in your life is too big then you can turn it around and shackle yourself to a 9-5.

I guess the best thing I can tell you is that you can always depend on your friends for support and fun times! You're definatly one of the strongest people I know, so I'm sure you'll make the right decision! We're all behind you 100%!

HTY said...

Don't listen to them, dreams are for the naive. They're for those who believe they can actually have a job they they enjoy and love and look forward to going to everyday. That is a pipe dream.

Don't be foolish. Stick with the boring ass job that has a steady paycheque, benefits and an occasional christmas party. Slowly work your way up the corporate ladder until you hit that invisible ceiling that everyone is too naive to believe exists. Forget about the glitz and glamour, all you need is a cubicle, a PC and that unfriendly copier that never works.

Chasing dreams and taking risks is stupid. Give it up, you'll never make it. So why even try?

You're weaksauce.

dan said...

awwww, u know i'll never leave u in my dust! :) ..

you can do it kamijo! i know you have it in you! go on chasing those dreams!