5:28 PM

wedding confusion

muzak: 10 years - "the Autumn Effect"

My dear friend's getting married in less than a month.

I am feeling stress. I've never had to take care of giftings on my own before. Does anyone have any idea how registries and showers work? And proper wedding etiquette? Monies?


How is it possible that I'm feeling more stressed about this than the fact that I'm graduating in less than a month and as of yet, am still an unemployed bum? Who wants to get on my good side and hook me up with a job at CBC or 680 news, or any of the CanWest or CTVglobemedia conglomerates?

Or a job flipping burgers...

On that note, Wes Borland (formerly of Limp Bizkit) is stepping in to play the axe for X Japan's live!? What is this madness!?


HTY said...

Registries: Go to where they are registered. Ask service desk for registry list to so and so's wedding. Buy stuff on that list.

Showers: One word - tupperware.

Etiquette: Don't show up looking better than the bride. Don't wear white. Bring a date that won't embarass you when they're drunk.

Monies: Put in envelope, put into gift box at reception. The amount depends on how close you are to the person...and if they opted for the open bar.

Justine said...

If all else fails, start a video blog. I know it sounds lame but don't look down upon it! It can even give you some good exposure if you have a unique flavour, and it helps you practice speaking on camera (even if you already have had plenty of experience) and seek constructive criticism (just ignore those r-tarded 12-year-olds who comment). When you apply for 'real jobs' you can add it to your resume and employers might see it as a good use of your time while being unemployed - that you did a M.A. in Journalism because you really like it and would do it even if no one employed you. That's not to say that employers won't want you if you're already independent - I think they look for those kinds of people who are assertive in getting things done on their own. There are plenty of YouTube video bloggers out there (my favourites are HappySlip.com and KevJumba) but you don't have be comical like them... in any case, there are already way too many "comical" video bloggers out there. It's okay to be serious about current events online.

And you're pretty! So that'll reel in viewers! haha.. hey, broadcast journalism can be a shallow world.

You can take none of my advice because I obviously know nothing about journalism or the industry...but I'd do that! XD