5:09 PM

On this day in 1923...Time Magazine published its first issue

Muzak: Dir en grey - "Yurameki"

I can't even pretend to be young and say that I'm in my early 20's anymore. It's so disheartening!

Despite my despair at reaching another year of physical decline, and despite being in class all day and having group meetings all evening, this is probably the best birthday I've had in years. It more than makes up for last year's debacle.

You guys are the ones that make everything worth it. And Facebook too, for being the reminder.

Now check out a piece of the booty I got. And wipe that drool from your keyboard.

Vivienne Westwood just steals my heart.


Justine said...

Happy Birthday! And that necklace is lush! Btw, when we have that long overdue photoshoot, I'd love to see you in that :D

Eric said...

Dear Journalist,

[Insert hilarious opener here]
[Insert heart warming sentiment here]
[Insert thought provoking quote here]

all the ingredients of a good comment, don't you love how much effort I put into this?

Happy Birthday!

Arthur A. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I wish I got Vivienne Westwood for my birthday =(
Nice necklace, someone must think you're real special... but then again who doesn't?

trickor said...

hey! just dropping in ur new blog, didnt notice u changed ur blog til i went thru my xanga subscriptions XD
oh u got a facebook? i must add u!

and nice birthday present :D

JO ninja does life said...

Zomg, Vic, it's been forever! I can't believe you still check up on Xanga! Lol, for sure we can do the Facebook dealy. But I'm not too fond of doing that over Blogger where everyone can see it. :p I'll send you a message.

YuK said...

E~ I'm so jealous~!!

chrisBEAN said...

How incredibly yummy.
It'll be another great addition to your lovely collection.

lanny said...

Oh my god, I was on the verge of buying that for myself just last week (matching love trinkets?), but I'm glad you got it! It's super sweet and it totally suits you :D glad to hear you had a good one, yo