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springing forward

muzak: Gazette - "Silly god disco"

Am I missing something? When did changing the clocks become such a big deal?

Every radio station that I flipped to today (all of 2!) was making reminders to push the clocks ahead by an hour this weekend. Fair enough, this is all happening earlier than we're used to -- I'm sure that despite all the reminders, some poor sap will show up for work an hour late on Monday.

But there are actually tips out there on how to adjust to one hour's loss of sleep time! Among them: exercise well, sleep an hour earlier, don't operate heavy machinery the next day and eat dinner an hour earlier to help your body adjust.

Going a little overboard much? It's not like we're suddenly swapping day for night and the whole universe is going out of control. It's an hour's sleep. I'm sure everyone has nights where they get 10 hours, and nights with only 5. Suck it up.

Seriously, am I missing something about the incredibly detrimental effects of losing an hour's sleep? If I shouldn't be operating heavy machinery, I don't think I should go to my Monday morning class either. I always get a nasty case of the Mondays, I'm sure it'll be amplified tenfold with the loss of one hour of my day.

You know what really throws me off? This ridiculous amount of snow we're getting when we're supposed to be moving into better weather times. I guess this is what I get for flipping Jack Frost the bird.


chrisBEAN said...

You are absolutely right. This whole spring forward thingamajig has been blown way out of proportion. Come on ppl, there are bigger things in life than turning our clocks forward 1 hour. I'll bet someone will start to write about how we can spend our "bonus hour" when we do our fall back. Them crazies.

Yes we have much to share!!! I look forward to seeing your wallet and necklace, but not as much as I look forward to seeing you.

And my goodness that's the exact criticism I have of that bag. The gold plate is hideously tacky, even if it says "Valentino".

Anonymous said...

Man I hate hot dogs.

vix said...

so... you're the one i should blame for getting all the snow... disrespectin' jack like that. go bake him some cookies. he likes white chocolate chips... it reminds him of little snowballs.
i learnt back in high school that your body's pretty much in sync with a time change of up to 3 hrs. an hr forward does absolutely nothing. i'm surprised i still remember that. good ol' travel & tourism class!
and scene.