10:07 PM

h.naoto goes international

muzak: Alanis Morisette - "uninvited"

The same company that brought you this and this has finally opened its Japanese doors to the rest of the world.

Thanks, Tokyo Street Report!

H.Naoto was my first love for Japanese fashion. Unfortunately, their previous closed door policy to foreign markets and unwarranted high prices put a damper on my enthusiasm.

I don't know when they launched the English site, but it's ugly as sin.

Still, I'm glad that they're making an effort to become more accessible. Now if they'd just slash their prices as happily as they slash their clothing...


chrisBEAN said...

That website is seriously weak.

In Chinese there's a saying:
"A fresh flower being put on a piece of cow dung"

Ya, that about sums it up.

That picture is fierce though. The first two from the left are hot as heck.

neural_traffic said...


it's like school girl/victorian/gothic/zombie/dominatrix fashion

am i aroused or scared?