8:26 AM

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them computers hate me

muzak: ATB - "9am till I come"

Two crucial weeks to go before the finish of my schooling career and my laptop dies.

I'll be getting a loaner, but it's just not the same using a foreign computer. My folders are all in the wrong place. The bookmarks aren't mine. The hidden pr0n isn't from my personal selection. The scandalous sex pictures aren't of me. The keyboard grooves don't fit my fingers.

I don't know if it's the idea that--after being a student for my entire life--I'm suddenly faced with the idea of no grades ever again. Or maybe it's the loss of my baby, my laptop; but I feel so lost and forlorn and...confused. I've been wandering my room for the last day or so searching for my missing limb.


Justine said...

I totally feel your pain! When my MacBook harddrive died, I was like, "NOOO. IT DOESN'T FEEL THE SAME!" *sniff*

dan'ism! said...

I fear the death of my HDD too .. :( .. it makes weird sounds nowadays .. data is backed up though

good luck w/ your loaner!

chrisBEAN said...

Funny I was just watching an episode of Sex and the City about sudden breakdown of Carrie's laptop. Everyone was asking if she backed up her files. And she asked why people never talk about backing up, yet they all secretly do it at home every night without informing her.

Oh ya, what was my point again?.. I probably didn't have one. Hope the loaner one will help you finish your final stretch!