3:00 PM


muzak: Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - "Falling slowly"

I made a foray into the world of amateur modeling this past weekend to pimp out my friend's fashionistic creations. Prancing around Queen St. wearing nothing but a kimono in March weather was kinda cold. But sorta fun.

So here I am helping Jess pimp out her clothing line, fRuit*D*dIEnamite (holy arbitrary capitalization!). Oh, who am I kidding, I'm pimping myself out at the same time. It tickles my feminine senses to have pictures of myself where I don't look like a complete bum.

All clothing except jeans are by Jess

Can't forget the makeup and hair done by Sofie
-thanks, Ksenija!

I think I'm the most cheerful goth evar. Check out the crazy giant bow stuck on my ass! I love it so much, I'm smiling in every picture!

P.S. did anyone notice the new musical rotation on the sidebar?


chrisBEAN said...

hot damn.

the end.

lanny said...

most cheerful? also the most prettiest!

yea, i said it. obviously it was done for the sake of extreme emphasis (think of it as underlining a word TWICE)


dan said...

Hawtness! =)